30 April 2013

Michelada Miseries Part I - Muris With Lumps & Peter Nicholson

Michelada Miseries Part I - Composition for three improvisers + singer with bowls.

Closely related to Michelada Miseries Part II which was recorded by Liene Rozite, Neil Davidson and Fritz Welch in August 2011 this piece was performed at the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra Festival III in November 2011 and was based on the same materials from whence came Part II - a series of text fragments cut from discarded library books and assembled into a self help text score.

Michelada Miseries Part I was performed by Peter Nicholson - voice + bowls, Liene Rozite - flute, Neil Davidson - acoustic guitar and Fritz Welch - percussion + amplifier. Peter's strategy for the piece was as follows: each game of bowls played across the front of the stage would be judged either a success or a failure. Success would be followed by a fragment of Schubert's Die schöne Müllerin. Failure would be followed by a fragment from Schumann's Dichterliebe. Recorded by Jim McEwan.


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