04 December 2011

Untitled Installation - Angharad Davies & Tim Parkinson

Untitled Installation was a project conceived by Angharad Davies and Tim Parkinson for the performance space in the basement of Mark Wastell's record shop Sound 323 on Archway Road, London. It was installed there between 20th-26th June 2003 and consisted of a CD of prepared violin, composed by Angharad Davies, and a CD of piano music composed by Tim Parkinson. The two discs were designed to be played simultaneously and repeatedly on two different cd players on random shuffle, so that the tracks of each disc can be heard in any number of unforseen combinations with each other. In Sound 323 the installation ran each day the shop was open. A semi-live non-repeating version was performed once in February 2005 in Ray's Jazz in Foyles bookshop on Charing Cross Road, London with Angharad improvising new material alongside the pre-existing piano CD material.


14 November 2011


A small number of A0 posters of the Wandelweiser documentation project are available. They include texts by Hannah Ellul, Sarah Tripp, Rhodri Davies, Dom Lash. £5 including postage in a stout tube (postage is to the UK only due to the enormous cost of international delivery). Contact nevercomeashore-at-gmail-dot-com to order.


Iain Campbell F-W does really interesting things with himself and sound. We're going to call what he does 'spew step' because sometimes he throws up and it's all about dancing. It's not all about dancing. This release is also available as a goo pack double cdr.


Iain Campbell FW - Recordings


disc 1:

1 - without
2 - customisation
3 - galaxy
4 - The Golden Boy Eats
5 - the message I recorded as
6 - Complete Vision
7 - postface
8 - pop n roll

disc 2:

1 - ___

cdr available from www.iaincampbellfw.blogspot.com or by emailing iainfindlaywalsh-at-gmail-dot-com. (It's free but there may be a postage charge depending on where it's going)

29 August 2011

String Quartet

Liene Rozite - flute
Michael Shearer - clarinet
Nicole McNeilly - trombone
Neil Davidson - acoustic guitar
Composition - Neil Davidson

CDR also available

24 August 2011

Balloon & Needle - Hong Chulki / Choi Joonyong

Electronic music from Korea
Hong Chulki - turntable and other things
Choi Joonyong - cd players and speakers
+ Nick Fells / Neil Davidson

Friday 2:9:11 Club Room (ground floor), Music Department, Glasgow University (14 University Gardens). 8 for 8.30pm (You'll need to get there in time for 8.30pm and ring the bell so we can open the door which will otherwise remain locked). Donation.

Another video
Concert review from last year

18 August 2011

Lambs Gamble / Michel Doneda + Jonas Kocher

Never Come Ashore and Psykick Dancehall Present:

Michel Doneda - saxophones + Jonas Kocher - accordion
Lambs Gamble: Eric Boros - guitarist / unsound modifier , Fritz Welch - thumping and twiddling, George Cremaschi - double bass and electronics from Prague via the Bay Area.

19:30, Thursday 22nd September, Streetlevel Photoworks Gallery,103 Trongate. Donations.

Michel Doneda - saxophone and Jonas Kocher - accordion play with tiny precise envelopes of listening, filling them with blasts of caustic intensity and elusive texture.

Lambs Gamble is what happens when aiming beyond the horizon of free improvisation, both as a practice and as a style, to take a hacksaw to serious music with sound.

26 July 2011

The Music of Wandelweiser Documentation

In January 2011 Dominic Lash and Rhodri Davies performed a seven hour concert of Wandelweiser compositions at Glasgow University. Rather than record the concert for release it was decided that the performance would be documented in writing; by three writers in the audience and by the two performers. Our intention was not to review the concert as such but to give a different kind of access to the event, to try to document listening and its effects rather than the sounds.

Scores played were by Antoine Beuger, Eva-Maria Houben, Radu Malfatti, Michael Pisaro and Manfred Werder. The writing is by Rhodri Davies, Hannah Ellul, Sarah Tripp, Neil Davidson and Dominic Lash.

There are two documents: an A0 pdf (printable if you have a printer big enough) and an A4 pdf which is desk top printer friendly and which also includes pieces by Manfred Werder and Eva-Maria Houben.


29 May 2011

For Loris

A realization of the score 'For Loris' written by Jeph Jerman 

Stephen Cornford - Amplified Piano 
Patrick Farmer - Objects, Contact Microphones 
Sarah Hughes - Chorded Zither 

Recorded at Oxford Brookes University by Simon Reynell January 29th 2011 


hinwandeln (zwischen himmel und erd)

Rhodri Davies - pedal harp, Michael Francis Duch - double bass, John Tilbury - organ

hinwandeln (zwischen himmel und erd) composed by Michael Pisaro

Recorded 10th of March 2011 in the University of Glasgow chapel as art of the trio's performance at the exhibition and concert series 'Every Day is a Good Day' featuring the work of John Cage. The concert featured music by Cornelius Cardew, Michael Pisaro, John Cage, Christian Wolff and Morton Feldman.


02 May 2011

Tim Parkinson / Angharad Davies / Muris

Tim Parkinson / Angharad Davies / Muris concert of composed music at Streetlevel Photoworks Gallery. The program likely to include works by Michael Parsons, Alison Knowles, Alwynne Pritchard / Laura Murray, Tim Parkinson, Christian Wolff, James Sanders and Stefan Thut.

Tim Parkinson is a composer based in London. He has written for various groups and ensembles including Apartment House, Reservoir, London Sinfonietta, [rout], Chroma; and for various instrumentalists including Stephen Altoft, Angharad Davies, Rhodri Davies, Julia Eckhardt, Anton Lukoszevieze, Philip Thomas, Stefan Thut

Angharad Davies is a violinist active in contemporary, improvised and experimental music both as a soloist and within ensembles. Since making London her base in 2002 she has developed a specific approach to the violin, extending the sound possibilities of the instrument by attaching and applying objects to the strings or by sounding unexpected parts of the instrument's body.

Muris is a small ensemble of Liene Rozite and Neil Davidson that performs conceptual composed music and improvisation. They've played pieces by George Brecht, Stefan Thut and Michael Pisaro.

Note early start; we'll be finishing in time for closing the gallery at 9pm. The performance will run continuously for around 80 minutes

Saturday 28th May 2011 7-9pm
Streetlevel Photoworks Gallery 103 Trongate, Glasgow. Entry by donation.


07 February 2011

Contemporary Music Ensemble Glasgow University 2007

Sustained C, 7 Minutes mp3

Sustained C & minutes flac

Instructions: Play a unison c for 1 minute. For the next five minutes make tiny adjustments to the intonation of the c. Play a unison c for the final minute.

CME 2007/2008:
Flute - Liene Rozite
Flute - Laura Harkins
Flute - Natalia Franklin Pearce
Flute - Graham Brooks
Trumpet - Jacob Clue
Violin - Francis Direen
Guitar - Alan Govan
Alto Saxophone - Sarah Rennie

24 January 2011

John Tilbury, Rhodri Davies, Michael Duch Performance









Performance of music by composers with a close connection to the work of John Cage.  The programme will feature pieces by Christian Wolff, Michael Pisaro and Cornelius Cardew among others, and explores the relationships between composition and improvisation. Duch, Davies and Tilbury's recent recording of Cardew's music on +3db records was one of the Wire magazine's records of the year and is reviewed here. The concert is part of the University's John Cage season including performances by the Adritti Quartet and John Tilbury playing Cage's sonatas and interludes.

Thursday 10th March 19:30 University Chapel, University of Glasgow, University Avenue G12 8QQ  Free admission.