21 August 2010

Insects - Armin Sturm / Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra

INSECTS by Armin Sturm
Performed by the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra at Glasgow Jazz Festival June 2010.


This piece is not really about insects but about development in improvisation. It examines some aspects of musical form and the development of musical material with the aid of biological metaphors. The players work autonomously within periods of activity that are mapped onto the developmental cycles of insects. There are two cycles: Development 1 for moth type insects and Development 2 for grasshopper type insects.  In the concert the orchestra performed both versions, Insects 1 and Insects 2. An annual development cycle was taken to last 9 minutes with each player dividing up their time into three three minute seasons. In each piece the orchestra plays through two annual cycles.

Christopher Barclay – trombone, Stuart Brown - drums, George Burt - guitar, Aileen Campbell - voice Neil Davidson – guitar, Chris Heinrich - violin, Robert Henderson - trumpet, George Lyle - double bass, Nicola MacDonald - melodica / voice, Raymond MacDonald - saxophones, Una MacGlone - double Bass, George Murray – trombone, Peter Nicholson - cello, Emma Roche - flute, Liene Rozite – flute, Michael Shearer - clarinet, Armin Sturm - double bass, Fritz Welch - drums and percussion

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jim McEwan. Insect drawing by Nadfly.

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