17 November 2010

Rhodri Davies & Dom Lash Wandelweiser Event

Rhodri Davies - harp and Dominic Lash - double bass
Two deep thinking practitioners of contemporary improvised and composed music engage in a 7 hour performance of music by composers from the Wandelweiser group including Eva-Marie Houben, Radu Malfatti and Michael Pisaro. In a move which seeks to deal with the overabundance of recorded music the performance will be documented in writing. The resulting texts will be published by Never Come Ashore.  
Saturday 8th of January, Glasgow University Concert Hall 2-9pm. Free entry.

Map - The concert hall is in the main building, accessible via the main gate on University Avenue up the easternmost staircase (there will be signs).

eva-maria houben: each day (for rhodri and dominic) [2010] (15’) * first performance
radu malfatti: delancey 1 “to rhodri” [2010] (10’) °
eva-maria houben: fast nichts / presque rien (nearly nothing) [2009] (24’) ^
antoine beuger: little more than a whisper [2010] (25’) *
antoine beuger: cadmiumgelb [2000] (6’) ^
michael pisaro: Descending Series (2): An Index of Seconds (for Rhodri Davies) [2010] (28’40’’) ° first performance
michael pisaro: Ample [harmony series no. 2] [2004] (12’) *
manfred werder: kontrabass 1997 [1998] (28’48’’) ^
michael pisaro: Now [harmony series no. 5] [2005] (10’)
manfred werder: 20084 [2008] (29’31’’) °
michael pisaro: Flux [harmony series no. 8a] [2005] (3’) *
antoine beuger: sekundenklänge (some sounds, just seconds) for rhodri davies [2007] (23’) °
radu malfatti: café oto 1 for contrabass and cd “to dominic lash” [2009] (35’15’’) ^
michael pisaro: Pas [harmony series no. 8c] [2005] (5’)
eva-maria houben: aeolian harp (harp solo) for rhodri davies [2009] (24')°
michael pisaro: mind is moving (IV) [1996] (15’) ^ first performance
eva-maria houben: each night (for rhodri and dominic) [2010] (15’) * first performance

^ bass
° harp
* duo

31 August 2010

Never Come Ashore Launch Event

Live at the CCA Glasgow on Wednesday the 29th September 2010 at 8pm

The Ames Room - Maximal Minimalist Terror Jazz. Will Guthrie - drums, Jean-Luc Guionnet - saxophone, Clayton Thomas - double bass. A lean free jazz trio blending punk angularity with the conceptual clout of the AACM.

Fritz Welch - mouth / percussion undercrunk from NY/Texas/Glasgow With his NYC trio Peeesseye Fritz Welch plunged head-first into uncharted avant-garde murk producing a humid mix of back porch minimalism, sound poetry and rubble. Solo his vocal/ percussion workouts are situated between heavy-thinking improv, low-brow noise and situationist glee.

Solipstink - Ash Reid, one half of Edinburgh based duo Scrim goes it alone: Pankhurstian drones, squeals and ravings.

£5 (on the door)

Fritz Welch The Science Fiction Residue

Fritz Welch The Science Fiction Residue : Six experiments using the voice. Performances and recordings from Jerusalem, Berlin, New York and for Glasgow's Transmission Gallery.


21 August 2010

Insects - Armin Sturm / Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra

INSECTS by Armin Sturm
Performed by the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra at Glasgow Jazz Festival June 2010.


This piece is not really about insects but about development in improvisation. It examines some aspects of musical form and the development of musical material with the aid of biological metaphors. The players work autonomously within periods of activity that are mapped onto the developmental cycles of insects. There are two cycles: Development 1 for moth type insects and Development 2 for grasshopper type insects.  In the concert the orchestra performed both versions, Insects 1 and Insects 2. An annual development cycle was taken to last 9 minutes with each player dividing up their time into three three minute seasons. In each piece the orchestra plays through two annual cycles.

Christopher Barclay – trombone, Stuart Brown - drums, George Burt - guitar, Aileen Campbell - voice Neil Davidson – guitar, Chris Heinrich - violin, Robert Henderson - trumpet, George Lyle - double bass, Nicola MacDonald - melodica / voice, Raymond MacDonald - saxophones, Una MacGlone - double Bass, George Murray – trombone, Peter Nicholson - cello, Emma Roche - flute, Liene Rozite – flute, Michael Shearer - clarinet, Armin Sturm - double bass, Fritz Welch - drums and percussion

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jim McEwan. Insect drawing by Nadfly.

03 May 2010


Nick Fells - laptop and Neil Davidson - acoustic guitars

An old musical tool and a new one, sounding neither as old or as new as each other. Recorded at Glasgow University in June 2006. The three tracks here make up the remainder of a session the first track of which was released on the cdr Próximo on Iorram Records in 2009. See sidebar for some software for dealing with flac files.