26 July 2011

The Music of Wandelweiser Documentation

In January 2011 Dominic Lash and Rhodri Davies performed a seven hour concert of Wandelweiser compositions at Glasgow University. Rather than record the concert for release it was decided that the performance would be documented in writing; by three writers in the audience and by the two performers. Our intention was not to review the concert as such but to give a different kind of access to the event, to try to document listening and its effects rather than the sounds.

Scores played were by Antoine Beuger, Eva-Maria Houben, Radu Malfatti, Michael Pisaro and Manfred Werder. The writing is by Rhodri Davies, Hannah Ellul, Sarah Tripp, Neil Davidson and Dominic Lash.

There are two documents: an A0 pdf (printable if you have a printer big enough) and an A4 pdf which is desk top printer friendly and which also includes pieces by Manfred Werder and Eva-Maria Houben.


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