29 August 2011

String Quartet

Liene Rozite - flute
Michael Shearer - clarinet
Nicole McNeilly - trombone
Neil Davidson - acoustic guitar
Composition - Neil Davidson

CDR also available

24 August 2011

Balloon & Needle - Hong Chulki / Choi Joonyong

Electronic music from Korea
Hong Chulki - turntable and other things
Choi Joonyong - cd players and speakers
+ Nick Fells / Neil Davidson

Friday 2:9:11 Club Room (ground floor), Music Department, Glasgow University (14 University Gardens). 8 for 8.30pm (You'll need to get there in time for 8.30pm and ring the bell so we can open the door which will otherwise remain locked). Donation.

Another video
Concert review from last year

18 August 2011

Lambs Gamble / Michel Doneda + Jonas Kocher

Never Come Ashore and Psykick Dancehall Present:

Michel Doneda - saxophones + Jonas Kocher - accordion
Lambs Gamble: Eric Boros - guitarist / unsound modifier , Fritz Welch - thumping and twiddling, George Cremaschi - double bass and electronics from Prague via the Bay Area.

19:30, Thursday 22nd September, Streetlevel Photoworks Gallery,103 Trongate. Donations.

Michel Doneda - saxophone and Jonas Kocher - accordion play with tiny precise envelopes of listening, filling them with blasts of caustic intensity and elusive texture.

Lambs Gamble is what happens when aiming beyond the horizon of free improvisation, both as a practice and as a style, to take a hacksaw to serious music with sound.