30 April 2013

Michelada Miseries Part I - Muris With Lumps & Peter Nicholson

Michelada Miseries Part I - Composition for three improvisers + singer with bowls.

Closely related to Michelada Miseries Part II which was recorded by Liene Rozite, Neil Davidson and Fritz Welch in August 2011 this piece was performed at the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra Festival III in November 2011 and was based on the same materials from whence came Part II - a series of text fragments cut from discarded library books and assembled into a self help text score.

Michelada Miseries Part I was performed by Peter Nicholson - voice + bowls, Liene Rozite - flute, Neil Davidson - acoustic guitar and Fritz Welch - percussion + amplifier. Peter's strategy for the piece was as follows: each game of bowls played across the front of the stage would be judged either a success or a failure. Success would be followed by a fragment of Schubert's Die schöne Müllerin. Failure would be followed by a fragment from Schumann's Dichterliebe. Recorded by Jim McEwan.


09 April 2013

Kate Burton & Nick Fells - Sonemics

Kate Burton and Nick Fells will be performing a new work, Sonemics,  at the Tramway, Glasgow on Saturday 13th April. Following their initial collaboration last year at City Halls, this new piece has been commissioned by the Tramway to mark the 25th anniversary of its opening as a theatre.
The film portion of the work explores the unsettling interiors of the tenement flats awaiting demolition in Hamiltonhill, Glasgow. Kate Burton - film / Nick Fells - sound.

04 April 2013

Balloon & Needle Live at the Club Room in Glasgow University Music Department

Choi Joonyong - speakers, harmonica, cd players, room, window, corridor
Hong CHulki - turntable platter (no motor) + objects
Neil Davidson - acoustic guitar
Balloon & Needle
Two Duos; Choi Joonyong + Hong Chulki, Hong Chulki + Neil Davidson
Recorded at Glasgow University Summer 2011.


alltid ei anna / improvisasjon person

alltid ei anna / improvisasjon person

Recordings made during work on the performance alltid ei anna (there is always an other / there is always an anna) by the group dvell in November 2012 using texts from Arild Vange's book of poems improvisasjon person published by Aschehoug in spring 2013. The recordings were made during rehearsals at Theatre Avant Garden in Trondheim and in Jesperstua, a little outhouse connected to Adrianstua (the Writers House owned by the city of Trondheim) situated next to the Fjord on the outskirts of Trondheim. The poems / texts are responses to writings by Fernando Pessoa's heteronyms, in particular Alvaro do Campos, Ricardo Reis and Alberto Caeiro. The performance alltid ei anna was built around these texts and guided by Pessoas concept of static drama.

Arild Vange - texts / voice, Neil Davidson - guitar, Kyrre Laastad - percussion, Frode Eggen - voice.
The book improvisasjon person is available from Aschehoug, Oslo. Cover art is by Per Formo.
CDR also available from the NCA shop.


With Lumps - Lumps for Lovin' CD out now

With Lumps - Lumps for Lovin' CD
Fritz Welch-  drums / percussion / amp / voice / electronics
Neil Davidson - guitar / amplifier

With Lumps is the duo of Neil Davidson and Fritz Welch. 
Named after a mishearing of the lyrics to Got to Have Loving by Don Ray, Lumps for Lovin' is three parts studio recording from 2011 and one part live performance from Manchester 2012. Documenting the duo amidst collaborations with Helhesten, Maya Dunietz and Liene Rozite (Muris) the recordings presented here fuse thick blustering mayhem with a precision normally associated with micro house, adumbrated by just a hint of adolescent breathlessness. This surprisingly danceable record synthesizes noise and acoustic improvisation into a gurgling diaspora of juice. 
Credits: John Cavanagh for super recording and mixing skills, Kelly and Pascal for hosting the concert that became track four.
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