31 August 2010

Never Come Ashore Launch Event

Live at the CCA Glasgow on Wednesday the 29th September 2010 at 8pm

The Ames Room - Maximal Minimalist Terror Jazz. Will Guthrie - drums, Jean-Luc Guionnet - saxophone, Clayton Thomas - double bass. A lean free jazz trio blending punk angularity with the conceptual clout of the AACM.

Fritz Welch - mouth / percussion undercrunk from NY/Texas/Glasgow With his NYC trio Peeesseye Fritz Welch plunged head-first into uncharted avant-garde murk producing a humid mix of back porch minimalism, sound poetry and rubble. Solo his vocal/ percussion workouts are situated between heavy-thinking improv, low-brow noise and situationist glee.

Solipstink - Ash Reid, one half of Edinburgh based duo Scrim goes it alone: Pankhurstian drones, squeals and ravings.

£5 (on the door)

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