06 April 2012

Gobi Wow LP

FvRTvR -  Gobi Wow, (a new Long Playing record on the Never Come Ashore label) available from our shop page
FvRTvR is Guido Henneböhl from Germany and Fritz Welch, formerly of the United States, currently residing in the United Kingdom. 
FvRTvR is a two-body locus for demolecularized disco realized through meat shredding, science fiction improvisation. There are no beats here, however, just a relentless pyroclastic flow of robot voices gurgling indecipherable quips of the “baby, that volcano looks so good on you” variety. 
Guido Henneböhl plays an archaic electronic instrument of his own design that appears to be trapped in the ancient mysteries of circuit bending but it is in fact a dynamic oxygen filtration system. There are no longer any animal bones contained in the device but DNA is still present in its circuits. Fritz Welch manipulates vibrating surfaces such as drums, cymbals, moral certainties and puddles using sticks and objects while his syllabic utterances are offset with percussive concussion. 
Gobi Wow was recorded (or infected?) in Berlin on Halloween, halfway between a disused beer warehouse and a giant sagging inflatable rainbow. Sounds were tossed back and forth between these two sites utilizing a post afro-futuristic drum machine propulsion system. This method of composition is informed by asteroid dust arrangements and transducer vibration analysis. 
Gobi Wow was engineered by Brendan Dougherty and mixed and mastered by Guido Henneböhl. It is the follow up to Demon Cycle 1-9 (Niente Records, 2010). Cover artwork is by Rachel Lowther. Two sides, 39 minutes in total playing at 45rpm for extra science fiction reproduction. 
Available here


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