04 December 2011

Untitled Installation - Angharad Davies & Tim Parkinson

Untitled Installation was a project conceived by Angharad Davies and Tim Parkinson for the performance space in the basement of Mark Wastell's record shop Sound 323 on Archway Road, London. It was installed there between 20th-26th June 2003 and consisted of a CD of prepared violin, composed by Angharad Davies, and a CD of piano music composed by Tim Parkinson. The two discs were designed to be played simultaneously and repeatedly on two different cd players on random shuffle, so that the tracks of each disc can be heard in any number of unforseen combinations with each other. In Sound 323 the installation ran each day the shop was open. A semi-live non-repeating version was performed once in February 2005 in Ray's Jazz in Foyles bookshop on Charing Cross Road, London with Angharad improvising new material alongside the pre-existing piano CD material.


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